Redmoon Short Wallet Review

More than just another accessory, the Redmoon HR-01CE-MID short wallet combines elegance, top quality and practicality in the world of fine leather goods. Today, I’m going to dive into its key features, how the wallet fade and offer insights from my personal experience. By the end of the review, you will be equipped with the knowledge to decide if this wallet is right for your collection.

What is the Redmoon HR-01CE-MID short wallet?

Redmoon HR-01CE-MID-Short-Wallet From esteemed Japanese leather label Redmoon comes a testament to superior craftsmanship. Founded in 1993, the brand was born out of Keiichiro Goto’s passion for American culture and vintage aesthetics. The brand’s reputation is built on the handmade craftsmanship of Japanese artisans who utilize time-honored techniques that harness the beauty of natural materials. Each piece from Redmoon is not an off-the-shelf item, but rather a tailored masterpiece that resonates with its owner’s personality.

The Redmoon HR-01CE-MID short wallet takes its place in their exquisite collection. What sets it apart is its unique design, impeccably crafted from 1.5mm natural saddle cowhide leather, drum-tanned by the renowned tannery in Himeji, Japan. With clever embossed red moon emblems, distinctive concho silver snap buttons and the iconic eagle motif leather patch, this wallet is truly distinctive in its detailing.

Redmoon short wallet review

Why does the Redmoon HR-01CE-MID short wallet stand out?

Let’s dive into its distinctive features and advantages: Crafted from 1.5mm natural saddle cowhide leather, this wallet undergoes a meticulous drum tanning process at a distinguished Himeji tannery in Japan. By infusing the leather with natural vegetable extracts and oils, it boasts a deep, rich hue and texture. Beyond aesthetics, this leather is tough – water, stains, and scratches won’t easily mar its surface. With time, expect it to mature beautifully, revealing a patina that mirrors your lifestyle and character.

At a glance, the debossed Redmoon logo, the concho silver snap button, and the signature eagle leather motif catch the eye. These elements aren’t just about style; they underscore Redmoon’s unwavering commitment to detail and artisanship. Each element, down to the stitching, is hand-forged by the brand’s dedicated craftsmen. On the functional side, this wallet doesn’t disappoint. It houses a section for your banknotes, a secured YKK zippered coin pouch, and two card slots tailored to snugly fit standard-sized cards. This design ensures all your essentials stay organized and safe, making daily transactions smooth and hassle-free.

How did the Redmoon short wallet fade?

The impetus for spotlighting this wallet extends beyond its functional attributes; it stands as a testament to the artistry and innovation embodied by Redmoon’s craftspeople. This wallet has a narrative intertwined with it, echoing an unwavering commitment and fervor. With enduring quality, it evolves over time, accruing a personalized patina. This wallet isn’t just a possession—it’s an item that instills a sense of pride in its owner.

In addition to regular maintenance with conditoner, I applied oil to accelerate the ageing of the leather. The wallet freatures a concho snap button that shows signs of wear from a certain period of use. The color of the inner leather is closer to the original color at the time of purchase and seems to be the result of daily use as no leather care products have been applied.

What are some of the pros and cons of the wallet based on personal experience?

Diving into the Redmoon wallet, let’s explore what users are raving about and where they feel it could do better

Thumbs Up:

  1. Every wallet is handcrafted with precision by adept Japanese artisans, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality. Plus, the leather used is of top-tier quality and matures gracefully as time goes by.
  2. Its design is refreshingly unique, helping it distinguish itself from the run-of-the-mill wallets in the market.
  3. Not just a pretty face, the wallet is quite functional. Whether you’re carrying cash, coins, cards, or other tiny essentials, it’s got space. With a compartment for banknotes, a YKK zip-enclosed coin pouch, and snug card slots, it offers everyday convenience.
  4. It’s built like a tank! The wallet is adept at shrugging off water, stains, or scratches, ensuring longevity. Over the years, expect it to don a characteristic patina, a testament to its adventures with you.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Some find its dimensions and weight a tad cumbersome. Measuring 11cm x 10cm x 3.5cm and tipping the scales at approximately 150g (5.3oz), it might not slip easily into every pocket or bag.
  2. Patience is key when awaiting its delivery. Given its custom-made nature, crafting and shipping from Japan might span up to 4 weeks, a wait that might not align with everyone’s timeline.

The Redmoon-HR-01AE-MID-Short-Wallet epitomizes luxury with its fine leather craftsmanship, blending sophistication, durability, and utility. Tailored for aficionados of artisanal quality and distinct styling, I invite you to share any queries or thoughts you might have about this wallet or the review down below.

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