Discovering the Rimowa Original Compact: A Detailed Luxury Suitcase Review

Within the realm of high-end travel gear, RIMOWA’s reputation is unparalleled. Celebrated for its superior craftsmanship, enduring build, and elegant design, RIMOWA has become synonymous with luxury travel essentials. With a storied legacy that began in 1898, the brand has been at the forefront of luggage innovation, crafting pieces that set the benchmark for design and practicality. Its dedication to using only the finest materials and upholding a tradition of excellence is why seasoned travelers around the globe swear by RIMOWA.

The Topas 4 Wheels Trolley Luggage is a compact business suitcase from RIMOWA. This 26-liter model is crafted with the needs of contemporary travelers in mind, those who seek a perfect blend of form and function. The Topas line, with its signature aluminum shell, marries a classic aesthetic with sturdy construction. Sporting a distinctive silver finish, this suitcase isn’t just about making a style statement—it’s built to elevate the entire travel experience.

Selecting the ideal luggage piece transcends personal style; it’s akin to selecting a trusty travel ally. The ideal suitcase harmonizes longevity, ample space, mobility, and security—all while mirroring the personal flair of the jet-setter. The RIMOWA Topas 4 Wheels Trolley Suitcase is designed to meet all these criteria, offering a travel solution that’s meant to not just accompany but enhance every trip. This review will explore the features that make this suitcase a top pick for many and examine if it indeed stands up to the prestige it carries.

Opening the RIMOWA Topas and Initial Thoughts

Laying eyes on the Topas for the first time, you can’t help but admire its sleek sophistication and solid build. The suitcase’s shimmering silver aluminum casing captures the essence of luxury travel. You recognize the grooved design immediately – it’s unmistakably RIMOWA. In addition to rimowa’s silver logo, the Lufthansa logo is set in the most prominent place on the front of the case. And it’s not just about looks; the aluminum promises to withstand the wear and tear of travel without a hitch. It strikes that perfect note of being robust without weighing you down, which is exactly what you want as you navigate through your travels.

The Topas doesn’t just hold up the RIMOWA tradition; it elevates it. It takes a step beyond the brand’s Essential collection, which uses polycarbonate, offering an upgraded sense of durability and security with its metal body. And while it may share its aluminum roots with the Classic Flight series, the Topas takes a more refined and feature-rich approach, boasting upgrades like the Multiwheel system that make gliding through any journey a breeze.

As you inspect every inch, the RIMOWA standard of excellence is evident. The telescopic handle, the TSA-approved locks, and every other detail exhibit a premium quality and feel. The wheels turn smoothly, hinting at effortless transits ahead. It’s immediately apparent – the Topas isn’t just about meeting the expectations of travelers who appreciate the finer things; it’s about surpassing them, marrying sophistication with practicality in a way only RIMOWA can.

Rimowa original compact

Design and Aesthetics

The RIMOWA Topas 4 Wheels Trolley Suitcase stands as a testament to elegant design, where every curve and corner serves a purpose, marrying beauty with utility. Its minimalist yet captivating appearance is defined by pure, uncluttered lines and a practical arrangement that never skews from chic. The suitcase’s shimmering silver aluminum exterior isn’t just a treat for the eyes; it’s a deliberate choice that balances brawn with lightness, perfect for the traveler’s needs.

The color selection of the Topas is a thoughtful touch in its design narrative. The aluminum’s silver tone isn’t just about good looks—it’s a classic color that smartly hides the little wear and tear that comes from trotting the globe. It’s a color that’s as functional as it is beautiful, ensuring that the suitcase looks as good as new, trip after trip.

The grooved design of the Topas isn’t just RIMOWA’s aesthetic signature; it’s a reinforcement of the suitcase’s structure. These grooves go beyond surface-level style; they strengthen the suitcase’s aluminum casing, adding an extra layer of durability. This design isn’t just a nod to the bygone era of jet-set travel; it’s a feature that brings a piece of history into the hands of modern-day travelers. The grooves also have a practical side, contributing to the case’s aerodynamics and making it more manageable as you move.

In the Topas, the fusion of robust aluminum, the classic appeal of its silver hue, and the iconic grooved detail culminates in a suitcase that’s visually impactful and functionally unmatched. It stands as a symbol of RIMOWA’s unwavering dedication to quality and aesthetic finesse, proving that luggage can be both a statement piece and a reliable travel mate.

Functionality and Features

Size and Space Efficiency

With a capacity of 26 liters, the RIMOWA Topas 4-wheeled trolley suitcase may seem compact at first glance, but it is actually spacious, making it ideal for short business trips and weekend getaways. With dimensions that hit the sweet spot for carry-on luggage requirements—55 x 40 x 20 cm—it’s designed to breeze through airport check-ins without a hitch. Inside, it’s a marvel of space efficiency, with a well-conceived interior that makes it a breeze to pack everything from clothes and tech gadgets to those indispensable travel knick-knacks.

Smooth Rolling 4-Wheel System

The Topas shines with its four-wheel system, which allows for smooth navigation in any direction. This mobility means darting through bustling terminals and down narrow plane aisles is a cinch. The stability is nothing short of stellar; it stands faithfully by your side, making lugging luggage less of a drag and more of a glide. Built to last, the wheels handle diverse terrain with aplomb, ensuring a smooth roll whether you’re crossing polished airport halls or navigating the charming chaos of cobblestone streets.

Enhanced Security with TSA-Approved Locks

RIMOWA takes no chances when it comes to securing your belongings. The Topas comes with TSA-approved locks, marrying security with convenience. These locks aren’t just about keeping things tight; they also allow TSA agents to do their checks without any lock-busting. It’s a win-win for safety and smooth sailing through US airports. Plus, the suitcase’s tough-as-nails aluminum casing is your best defense against the bumps and bruises of travel.

Organized Interiors for Effortless Packing

Inside, Topas is equally impressive. Its well-organized interior comes with two different flexible divider systems that can be adjusted to fit different packing needs. You can design it as a business travel divider system for computers, electronics and documents. The other is suitable for weekend trips and short-term business trips, making it easy to carry a small amount of clothing, toiletries and more. As a Lufthansa co-branded suitcase, the compartments are lined with high quality fabric and printed with Lufthansa lettering, adding an extra layer of protection for your belongings.

Adaptable for All Kinds of Journeys

For the business nomad, it presents a polished profile with room for all the professional paraphernalia. For the leisure traveler, it’s spacious enough for the essentials and tough enough to take on the elements. Its carry-on dimensions make it a perfect pick for quick getaways or as a companion to a larger suitcase on extended escapades.

The RIMOWA Topas 4 Wheels Trolley Suitcase is a symphony of utility and sophistication. It hits every note of travel-savvy design, from its optimal size and ingenious interior to the smooth wheel system and foolproof locks.

Durability and Build Quality

The enduring nature of the RIMOWA Topas 4 Wheels Trolley Suitcase is a highlight, much of which can be credited to its premium aluminum construction. This material is celebrated for its formidable yet lightweight characteristics, making it a top choice for travel gear that faces the relentless demands of the journey. The Topas’s casing doesn’t just shrug off impacts; it also stands up admirably to the challenges of overpacking, the inevitable rough-and-tumble handling by airport staff, and the normal scuffs and scrapes that come with being on the road. This fortitude ensures the suitcase not only retains its shape but also its stylish look throughout its life.

The aluminum exterior of the Topas sets a high bar for durability. It’s tougher against damage than softer luggage options, holding its own against scratches and minor dents. These little battle scars can actually add to the suitcase’s charm, each one a memento of a trip taken. Plus, the material is impervious to the elements, resisting damage from moisture and temperature fluctuations, assuring its status as a steadfast travel sidekick in all conditions.

RIMOWA Topas stand out for their superior quality of construction when compared to other luggage manufacturers such as Samsonite, Tumi and Briggs & Riley. While these names are synonymous with durable luggage, RIMOWA’s embrace of aluminum over the more common polycarbonate or other plastics gives the Topas a distinctive advantage. It’s this blend of lightness and strength that gives the Topas an upper hand, particularly for those who value longevity in their travel gear.

To wrap it up, the RIMOWA Topas’s aluminum shell is not just a part of its aesthetic but the very foundation of its resilience, offering a level of sturdiness and resistance to damage that is rare to find. This, when paired with its meticulous design and workmanship, makes the Topas not merely a piece of luggage but a worthwhile asset for serious travelers who place a premium on enduring quality and performance, securing its place as a standout in the luxury luggage arena.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure that your RIMOWA Topas 4 Wheel Trolley Luggage is as beautiful and functional as the day you bought it, taking care of it is essential. The sturdy aluminum exterior is easy to keep in tip-top condition; a gentle wipe with a damp cloth will usually remove any dirt or stains. If you encounter more stubborn stains, you can wipe it down with a mild soap to water, but remember to dry it completely to avoid leaving unsightly water marks. It is crucial to avoid using any abrasive materials or strong chemicals that could damage the smooth surface of your suitcase.

Don’t forget about moving parts, such as wheels and telescopic handles. They need a bit of maintenance from time to time. Keep the wheels free of dirt and debris to ensure smooth rolling; a little silicone lubricant on the handle will help it operate smoothly.

In terms of warranty and repairs, RIMOWA offers a lifetime warranty on new luggage purchased after July 25, 2022; this luggage I purchased before that date is only covered by a five-year warranty. For damage beyond the warranty period, RIMOWA has a network of repair centers that can repair everything from broken wheels to dented shells for a fee.


All in all, the RIMOWA Topas 4 Wheel Trolley Luggage is a leader in the luxury luggage segment, combining impeccable craftsmanship, durability and elegant design. Its sturdy aluminum shell, advanced safety features, and practical interior meet a variety of travel needs. While its higher price point implies a significant investment, its durability and performance will deliver great value over time.Topas backpacks are perfect for the frequent traveler who cares about quality, safety and style. If you fall into this category and are considering upgrading your luggage, Topas is without a doubt your best choice. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with RIMOWA or other premium luggage brands, so feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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