Red Wing Wallet Review: The Elite Folded Card Holder You’ll Ever Need

I’ve always been a fan of Red Wing’s craftsmanship, and this wallet just adds to that sentiment.

If you’re new to them, let me fill you in: Red Wing has been crafting top-notch leather pieces, from boots to belts and yes, wallets, for over 100 years. This Folded Card Holder Wallet is my newest EDC item from their collection, and I think it’s high time it got some spotlight in a review.

Design and Material

You know, the first thing that caught my eye about this wallet was its super clean design. It’s the kind you can easily slip into your pocket whether you’re dressing up for a fancy dinner or just going out for coffee. The leather? Super smooth and just screams quality. That’s Red Wing for you – never cutting corners. And guess what? The leather’s from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company, so you know it’s built to last. I have a feeling it’s going to look even cooler as it gets older and picks up a bit of character.


In terms of functionality, the Red Wing Folded Card Holder Wallet truly shines. Despite its compact size, it boasts ample storage capacity for all my essential cards and a few folded bills. The wallet has a simple design, with one card slot on each side that fold together to keep your cards safe and easy to access. The overall length of the Red Wing card holder is slightly shorter than that of the horsehair brush. Each slot should be filled with at least three cards so that the cards will not slip out. It can be stuffed with up to 20 or so cards, but this definitely affects how it folds together.


So, one thing you can’t miss is how carefully this wallet’s been put together. You see that stitching? It’s super solid and looks like it’ll hold up forever. And I love how they’ve smoothed out the edges – gives it that sleek, finished feel. Red Wing’s really outdone themselves, ensuring it stands up to the daily hustle. Honestly, it’s these little touches that make Red Wing a cut above the rest.

Comfort and Portability

Also, I’ve got to mention, the Red Wing Folded Card Holder Wallet sits super comfy in my pocket. There’s no annoying bulge or anything – it’s just sleek and subtle. For folks like me who don’t want to carry around a big, bulky wallet, this is a dream. It’s clear they’ve really thought about size and feel, making sure there’s enough space without it being a bother.

While this wallet may not be ideal for individuals who need to carry a significant number of cards or large amounts of cash, it perfectly suits those who value simplicity, organization, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Aging and Care

This Red Wing card holder is made from high-quality leather that is tanned with natural vegetable oils and waxes, giving it a rich color and a smooth texture.

The Red Wing Folded Card Holder Wallet is not only durable, but also beautiful. Over time, the leather will age gracefully, acquiring scratches, scuffs and creases that reflect your personal style and usage. The areas you often grasp or rub against will darken into a deep caramel brown and gradually become supple. The wallet will become softer and more flexible, conforming to your pocket and cards. If new natural look isn’t your thing, jumpstart the patina by using the leather conditioner. Proper care and maintenance can extend the wallet’s lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment.


The Red Wing Folded Card Holder Wallet feels like that comfy old T-shirt you can’t part with. Every stitch and detail screams of Red Wing’s age-old promise of quality. It’s perfect for folks who love a good story behind what they own. Just like how your favorite jeans get better with every wear, this wallet’s charm grows every day you slip it into your pocket. It’s more than just leather and thread; it’s a daily companion that understands the beauty in aging gracefully.

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