Why the Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter is a Must-Have for Boot Enthusiasts

What is the history of Red Wing 9875?

The Red Wing 9875 is a standout piece from their Heritage collection, taking inspiration from the authentic work boots Red Wing crafted in the 1950s for those in hunting. Initially exclusive to the Japanese audience, the 9875 is now accessible globally, boasting its distinctive Gold Russet Sequoia shade – a deep brown leather enriched with a red undertone. This premium leather comes from the renowned S.B. Foot Tanning Company, a Red Wing affiliate that’s been a bastion of top-tier leather production since 1872. This leather undergoes an oil-tanning process, infused with natural oils and waxes, endowing it with resilience, water resistance, and supple flexibility.

In this section, we’ll delve deep into the Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter Moc Toe Boot, exploring its attributes, advantages, and Similar Competitors.

Red Wing 9875 Review

Key Features of the Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter Moc Toe Boot


Constructed with Gold Russet Sequoia leather, this boot derives its rich reddish-orange hue from the bark of sequoia trees used in the tanning process. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this leather is robust and offers water resistance, making it apt for those outdoor adventures.


It’s furnished with leather laces, harmonizing with the boot’s overall shade. Not only are these laces aesthetically appealing, lending the boot a retro charm, but they’re also built for endurance.


The boot’s upper is adorned with intricate triple stitching in hues of mahogany and sage. Beyond the visual appeal it offers, this triple stitching fortifies the boot, ensuring it stands the test of time.


Nestled inside the tongue, there’s a woven label that proudly displays the Irish Setter logo and moniker. It’s a nostalgic nod to the original boots that took inspiration from the Irish Setter dog breed.


A subtle yet significant touch is the Red Wing brand name embossed on the boot’s inner quarter. While it’s understated, it stands as a testament to the boot’s authenticity and top-tier quality.


The boot is equipped with a white Traction Tred sole, renowned for its impeccable grip across various terrains. Furthermore, its Goodyear welt construction ensures that once worn down, the sole can be replaced, breathing new life into the boot.


Crafted with a wider EE sizing, it’s tailored for those with a broader foot profile. However, a pro tip for those considering a purchase: it might be wise to opt for half a size smaller than your regular fit, as Red Wing boots generally offer a roomier fit.

How individuals can benefit from wearing them:

Personalized Comfort

With wear, this boot adapts, shaping itself to the unique contours of your foot. This evolution ensures that the fit feels bespoke, delivering both snugness and support. The leather’s natural suppleness and breathability, paired with the malleable, cushioned sole, heighten the comfort factor.

Fortified Defense

Be it relentless rain, slippery snow, mucky trails, or the biting cold, this boot serves as a reliable shield. Crafted from water-resistant and insulating leather, it ensures your feet remain cozy. The sole further contributes, offering resistance against skids and adept at absorbing jolts, safeguarding every step you take.

Adaptable Elegance

Whether you’re clocking into work, setting out on a leisurely day trip, jet-setting, or embarking on a hike, this boot seamlessly fits in. Boasting a design that’s both timeless and versatile, it effortlessly complements a wide array of outfits and moods.

Enduring Craftsmanship

With attentive upkeep, anticipate this boot to be your companion for many years, potentially even decades. The leather isn’t just durable; it matures like fine wine, acquiring a distinguished patina as the years roll on. Wear and tear on the sole? No issue. It’s designed to be re-soled, thus prolonging the boot’s lifespan.

What’s the difference between Red Wing 9875 and Red Wing 875 boots?

  • Dog Tag

  • The woven “Irish Setter” label inside the tongue.
  • Classic Red Wing tongue
  • Red Wing Logo

  • “Red Wing” embossed on the right foot and not on the left
  • No Red Wing logo
  • Double Stitch

  • Double stitching on top edge
  • Single row of stitching
  • Rectangular Bartack Stitch

  • Sits on both ends of the toe
  • No Bartack Stitch
  • Size & Fit

  • E width feels half a size larger that D
  • D width

If you’re on the hunt for a different flavor, consider these worthy alternatives:

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  • Thorogood Moc Toe: A moc-toe boot that echoes the design and quality ethos of the Red Wing 9875 but is friendlier on the wallet. It boasts a rich brown leather facade, contrasted by its white Maxwear wedge sole. Craftsmanship shines through its Goodyear welt construction. Assembled in the USA, it’s garnered praise for its marriage of comfort and durability.
  • Wolverine 1000 Mile: Venturing away from the moc-toe design, this plain-toe boot leans towards a more polished and streamlined aesthetic. Swathed in brown leather from top to sole, its Goodyear welt construction adds an additional layer of class. Made in the USA, this boot has roots that trace back over a century.
  • Danner Mountain Light II: For those whose hearts beat for the wild, this hiking boot might just be the calling. It presents a grittier and more adventurous silhouette than the Red Wing 9875. Dressed in brown leather, the Vibram lug sole speaks of terrains conquered. Crafted in the USA, it offers a watertight yet breathable shield, ensuring adventures are unhindered by the elements.

Next, we’re going to dive deep into the Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter, scrutinizing its comfort, durability, style, and overall value.


This boot comes with a sturdy 6-inch shaft, just the right height to cushion and support your ankles whether you’re on the job or out on the town. It’s got a roomy moc toe, so your toes won’t feel squished together — they’ve got room to breathe and move. Inside, there’s a leather insole that gradually shapes itself to your foot, making the fit feel like it was made just for you. The leather on the upper part is thick yet buttery soft, making it a delight against your skin, and the soles? Bright white with serious grip, they’ll keep you steady and absorb the shock as you walk on all sorts of grounds. They’re airy enough to keep your feet cool when it’s mild out, but if you’re facing extreme heat or a deep freeze, you might want to think about other options.


The Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter exemplifies robust construction, designed for longevity. Crafted from premium gold russet sequoia leather—a full-grain variant treated with oils and waxes—this boot boasts a sumptuous hue complemented by a water-repellent surface. Its durability is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, as the leather gracefully ages, gaining a unique patina that adds to its allure. The Goodyear welt technique merges the upper, insole, and outsole, ensuring a durable union that can be resoled, thereby extending the boot’s life. The boot features robust puritan triple stitching on the vamp and double backstay stitching at the heel for added strength. Its leather lacing system, combined with rust-resistant metal eyelets, offers both resilience and adjustability, encapsulating the boot’s commitment to quality and functionality.


The Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter is a stylish boot that has a classic and vintage look, thanks to its unique leather, lacing, and labeling. The boot has a gold russet sequoia leather that has a warm and rich hue that complements various outfits and occasions. The boot also has a leather lacing system that adds a touch of ruggedness and authenticity, and a white traction tread sole that contrasts nicely with the leather and creates a striking silhouette. The boot also has a distinctive Irish Setter woven label on the tongue and a vintage shoe box logo on the side, adding some flair and nostalgia to the boot.


The Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter represents excellent value for money, justifying its price with superior comfort, durability, style, and functionality. Retailing at over $300, this price point is justifiable for a premium leather boot of such caliber, especially considering its American craftsmanship and limited availability. The boot’s exemplary performance in comfort and durability, coupled with distinctive features like the high-grade leather, robust lacing system, and exclusive tags, solidify its worth. Additionally, its desirability among collectors ensures that the boot maintains a high resale value, often becoming a coveted item in the secondary market.

Wrapping Up

The Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter Moc Toe Boot stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and style reminiscent of the iconic 1950s boots. It’s laden with features that cater to aficionados of timeless footwear. The boot is a limited edition boot that is only available in select markets and stores, making it a rare and sought-after boot among collectors and enthusiasts. However, the annual increase in price, scarcity, and initial comfort phase may give some potential buyers pause. At the end of the day, the choice hinges on your individual taste and requirements. Should any queries or thoughts about the boot or this critique arise, we welcome you to share them below.

In the next article, we will introduce how to care red wing 9875.

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