Care for Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter (Mink Oil vs All Natural Leather Conditioner vs Leather Cream)

For anyone curious about maintaining their Red Wing 9875 or simply passionate about nurturing leather, selecting the perfect care essentials is crucial. This ensures the leather remains robust, visually appealing, and retains its natural vigor. Red Wing offers an array of products meticulously designed to cater to varied leather care requirements.

Let’s dive into a comparison of three care products and how they work differently on Red wing 9875 boot.

First, I’ll compare the ingredients of the three products and the benefits they each bring.

The three care products are: All Natural Leather Conditioner, Mink oil, Leather Cream.

Mink Oil

Key Components: Mink Oil, Pine Pitch, Beeswax. Advantages:

  • Mink Oil is renowned for its hydrating properties, ensuring leather stays pliable and soft.
  • Pine Pitch aids in making leather water-resistant and shields it from external factors.
  • Beeswax lends a sleek finish and doubles as a natural barrier against moisture.

All Natural Leather Conditioner

Key Components: Neatsfoot Oil, Pine Pitch, Beeswax. Advantages:

  • Neatsfoot Oil naturally rejuvenates leather by replenishing its essential oils, warding off dryness.
  • This conditioner, like its Mink Oil counterpart, utilizes Pine Pitch for water-resistance and Beeswax for a polished finish.

Leather Cream

Key Components: Neatsfoot Oil, Beeswax. Advantages:

  • This is a more delicate option when contrasted with the prior two. It’s designed to uphold the leather’s innate shade and feel.
  • While it doesn’t contain Pine Pitch, making it less resistant to water, it’s an excellent choice for those desiring an authentic appearance and sensation in their leather goods.

Second, I chose three spots on Red wing 9875 to apply these care products, and then dripped water on the applied areas.

Red Wing 9875-before

Below are the results of the review:

Red Wing boot care summary

You can see from the experiment that the leather cream has almost no water resistance. Mink oil is the most water-repellent of the three.

And third, I will introduce the three care products on Red Wing 9875 in detail.

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  • All Natural leather conditioner (ANLC)

It has been created specifically for Red Wing oil-tanned leathers such as Rough & Tough. ANLC works best to maintain the “pull up” effect on R&T leather and allows the leather to show its naturally varied tone. It is more easily absorbed into leathers, which means darkening effect will be more drastic and readily apparent on lighter colored leathers.

  • Mink Oil

Products purchased in Japan are slightly different in packaging from those purchased in the United States. Mink oil provides water resistance to boots and softens and conditions oil-tanned leather.

Left ImageRight Image

If boot soaked in mink oil sits in shoe box for a while, it’s likely to grow mold cause the ingredients of oil-based care products lock moisture in the leather. Mink oil’s silicone content and its high viscosity makes it more difficult for leathers to absorb, which means it is less likely to quickly and drastically darken the leather.

  • Leather Cream

Leather Cream is made by mixing oil and water with an emulsifier. It conditions and moisturises the leather and it does no affect the appearance of the leather. It contains no waxes and the water evaporates when the leather is replenished with oil, reducing the possibility of mold development. It also has a low oil content and does not affect the leather as much as oily care products once applied. Therefore, the color of the leather is hardly darkened. Leather cream may need to be used more frequently to achieve the same level of moisture as other products.

Let’s wait until the next day to see what has changed.

Red Wing 9875-after

ANLC shows a significant color change over time after application than mink oil, and both leave residue. If you want to know more details about Red Wing 9875, you can check this article Why the Red Wing 9875 Irish Setter is a Must-Have for Boot Enthusiasts


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