MWC Classic 1960s/70s Pattern Vietnam Watch Review

The MWC Classic Vietnam Watch, featuring a matching khaki webbing strap, is a metal adaptation of the disposable plastic timepieces given to the US forces during the Vietnam era in the ’60s and ’70s. Crafted by MWC, renowned for their superior military watch craftsmanship since 1974, this piece is a nostalgic nod to the past.

In this review, we’ll delve deep into MWC Vietnam Watch design, functionality, performance, and how it fade away.


The timepiece showcases a circular light tan metal frame, measuring 33 mm across and 8 mm in depth. Its face has a light tan background, in keeping with the light tan color scheme of the Arabic numerals and hands. Enveloping this display is a plexiglass/acrylic crystal, imparting that genuine vintage appeal. It’s paired with a coordinating khaki strap, 18 mm in breadth, completed with a metal clasp.

Upgrading from its original disposable plastic counterpart, this metal case design elevates its resilience against water and shocks. While the plexiglass aesthetic evokes nostalgia, some aficionados might lean towards the more scratch-defiant sapphire crystal. This piece aligns with MWC’s signature Vietnam-style watches, like the olive drab or noir editions. However, its distinct color palette sets it apart. Its dimensions are also more petite and lightweight compared to military classics like the A-11 or W10, enhancing wearability.

Stripping away any extraneous features, this watch is the epitome of sophistication in its simplicity. It resonates with its military roots, balancing form and function seamlessly. Its underplayed elegance resonates with vintage military watch enthusiasts and pairs seamlessly with relaxed attire.


This watch has a quartz movement and it is powered by a battery. While the watch can handle minor water encounters like unexpected splashes or rain showers with its 30-meter (100 feet) water resistance, taking a dive or swimming with it isn’t advisable. Enhancing its night-time utility, the hands and numerals are coated with a luminescent material, illuminating in dim conditions.

While the quartz movement offers dependability and ease, die-hard watch enthusiasts might lean towards the charm and historical accuracy of a mechanical mechanism. Its water resistance suffices daily needs but doesn’t suit water-based escapades. The glow-in-the-dark feature aids in reduced light, though it may not match the brilliance or duration of contemporary luminescent technologies.

In essence, the watch, with its fundamental features, embodies minimalism, stripping away the frills, focusing solely on its primary role – timekeeping. It’s a symbol of functionality interwoven with style, without sacrificing authenticity.


It does not suffer any significant damage or malfunction from normal use and stress. Wearing it feels comfortable, without any adverse skin reactions. Its vintage military design resonates, seamlessly pairing with casual ensembles.

Having adorned my wrist for over a year, it’s seen its fair share of minor accidents – drops, jolts, and minor abrasions. Yet, it stands undeterred, retaining its aesthetic and performance. It nestles comfortably on my wrist without feeling cumbersome. Its distinct design has often been a conversation starter, perfectly complementing my casual jeans and tee look.

Given its price point and quality, the watch’s performance is commendable. It stands true to its claims, never falling short. A trusty, fashionable sidekick for everyday ventures.


This is a limited edition military watch in a rare color with an olive green band. The green strap fades in color after prolonged exposure to perspiration. The color of the front shell has barely flaked off at all, and the back has partially flaked off the color of the back shell due to prolonged wear. It is necessary to see whether the hardware of the watch band is rust-proof before you make a decision.

MWC Vietnam Watch Front
MWC Vietnam Watch Back


The MWC Classic Olive Vietnam Watch, adorned with a Khaki Webbing Strap, is a top pick for enthusiasts drawn to vintage military timepieces that blend durability, precision, and affordability. Its metal casing enhances both its lifespan and water-resistance. The watch’s quartz mechanism ensures timely accuracy with minimal upkeep, while its plexiglass/acrylic face harks back to its historical roots. What sets it apart is its unique light tan shade, paired with an adjustable and comfy khaki strap.

Thanks for diving into this review with me. Should you have any queries or thoughts, please drop them down below.

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MWC Classic 1960s/70s Pattern Vietnam Watch Review


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