Filson Logger Mesh Cap Review: A Durable and Breathable Cap for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Filson Logger mesh cap is a water-repellent and durable cap that features a mesh back for breathable comfort. It has a six-panel construction that hugs your head comfortably, with an adjustable strap and brass buckle on the back. The adjustable strap uses Tin cloth material instead of plastic buckle. The hat also has a curved brim to protect you from the sun and rain, and a prominent Filson patch on the front.

In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with the Filson Logger mesh cap.

General impression

I chose the Filson Logger Mesh Cap because I wanted a hat that was durable enough to handle the outdoors and not only keep out light rain, but also breathable enough to keep it from overheating. The front and back of the brim are wrapped with tin cloth to effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating. The first sensation of wearing this hat is the coolness of the oil-waxed fabric. However, it does not feel uncomfortable after prolonged wear. The crown of the hat fits well to the head. It is not usually the case that the cap gets stuck on the top of the head. The hat matches perfectly with the Filson tin cloth cruiser I introduced eariler.


Filson logger mesh cap

This cap is more breathable than the Tin cloth packer hat because of the mesh on the back. I’ve worn the Filson Logger mesh cap in various weather conditions, from sunny and hot to cloudy and rainy. I’ve used it for hiking, camping, fishing, and gardening. It has performed well in all of them, keeping my head dry and cool.


This hat comes in three colours, with the orange version being made from a different fabric to the others, imported Ten-mile cloth, which, as the name suggests, is so brightly coloured that you can tell it from ten miles away. The water resistance may also be different from the other two.

Made in USA vs Made in Vietnam

Filson origin comparison

The version I purchased many years ago was made in the USA. The newly produced caps have been made in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at the subtle differences between them. In addition to the difference in care label, the stitching is also slightly different. The Fourth stitch on the American-made cap extends to the mesh.

There are also some counterfeit products circulating in the market, so how do we distinguish them? Choose official channels or large retailers first, which greatly reduces the possibility of buying fakes. Then we need to distinguish ourselves. You can check the pattern on the hat patch, the tree outline of the counterfeit product will be slightly different from the genuine one. The font of the washing label can also distinguish them. We won’t talk too much about how to tell it here, if you are not sure whether your product is genuine, you can leave a message and let me know.

How to care

Do not dry clean it, scrub it with a damp rag. The color of the cap gradually turn lighter after going out in the rain and it needs to be re-waxed regularly for maintenance. The colour of the hat will also return to its original colour after you have waxed it. It is recommended that when storing your hat, you avoid leaving it with light-coloured fabrics for long periods of time, especially in warm weather.

In Conclusion, the Filson Logger mesh cap is a great choice for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. It’s durable, breathable, comfortable, and stylish. I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a quality cap that can last for years. if you found this review helpful, please share it. You can find more hat post below:

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Stan is an adventure enthusiast with a love for the outdoors and American heritage brands like Red Wing and Filson. With a background in environmental science, Stan combines his outdoor experiences with a commitment to sustainability. His reviews go beyond functionality, exploring the brand ethos and craftsmanship. Stan inspires readers to choose gear that's durable, environmentally responsible, and true to American craftsmanship, making his advice indispensable for outdoor aficionados.

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