What Makes the Studio D’Artisan 18oz “GODZILLA” selvedge jeans So Special

The phrase selvedge denim is probably well-known if you’re a die-hard denim aficionado. The shuttle looms used to make this specific denim give it a clean, non-fraying edge. Its longevity, stylish appearance, and flexibility to be customized are what make it a favorite among denim enthusiasts.

In this post I am going to dive into a unique selvedge denim product that has caught my attention, the Studio D’Artisan 18oz “GODZILLA” Selvedge Jeans. These jeans are inspired by the legendary Godzilla, a monster whose image has been ingrained in Japanese and international popular culture since the mid-1950s. The 18oz. denim used in these trousers has a particular feel evocative of Godzilla’s rough skin. They are comfortable and loaded with special characteristics because they are made with a standard straight fit. Let’s explore what makes these jeans unique and my opinions of their advantages and disadvantages.

What makes Studio D’Artisan “GODZILLA” selvedge jeans unique?

The Fabric and material

The fabric of the jeans is one of the most impressive aspects of the product. It is made with an 18oz. denim that has a slub and nep texture that resembles Godzilla’s skin. Slub and nep are terms that refer to the irregularities and bumps in the yarns that create a rough and uneven surface on the fabric. These irregularities give the fabric more character and depth, as well as create beautiful fading patterns over time.

The fabric is also woven on a shuttle loom, which means it has a clean edge that prevents fraying. This edge is also known as the selvedge strip, which is usually visible when you cuff your jeans. The selvedge strip of these jeans has a red line that represents Godzilla’s atomic breath, which is a cool and subtle detail that adds some flair to your outfit.

The Cut and fit

Taking inspiration from SDA’s SD-103 design, these jeans sport a regular straight fit, ensuring comfort throughout the leg’s entirety. Perfect for those leaning towards a classic, evergreen style or those blessed with more substantial thighs or calves. They are true to size with a moderate rise and come with a button fly. This button fly not only enhances their durability but also injects a touch of vintage allure.

These jeans strike the right balance, neither too snug nor too baggy, fitting a broad spectrum of body shapes. They promise ease of movement without sacrificing style and possess ample room to accommodate varied footwear choices, be it boots, sneakers, or loafers.

The unique features

These details add character and uniqueness to the jeans, as well as pay homage to Godzilla’s origin and influence.

They feature an embroidered fifth-pocket motif of Godzilla’s silhouette

The embroidered fifth-pocket motif of Godzilla’s silhouette is a subtle and stylish way to show your appreciation for the monster. It is located on the right front pocket of the jeans, which is also known as the coin pocket or the watch pocket. The motif is small enough to not be too flashy, but big enough to be noticeable by those who pay attention.

A printed olive drab herringbone back yoke with Osaka’s skyline

The printed olive drab herringbone back yoke with Osaka’s skyline is a tribute to SDA’s heritage as one of the original Osaka 5 brands that pioneered Japanese denim. The Osaka 5 were a group of denim brands that started in the 1970s and 1980s in Osaka, Japan, and revolutionized the denim industry with their high-quality craftsmanship and vintage-inspired designs. The back yoke is the part of the jeans that connects the waistband to the legs, and it usually has two seams that form an inverted V shape. The back yoke of these jeans has an olive drab herringbone fabric that has Osaka’s skyline printed on it, which adds some contrast and texture to the jeans.

Green stitching on the top button hole and back pocket arcs

The green stitching on the top button hole and back pocket arcs is another nod to Godzilla’s color scheme. The top button hole is where you fasten your jeans with the top button, and it usually has some reinforcement stitching around it. The back pocket arcs are decorative stitching patterns that are found on the back pockets of most jeans. The green stitching on these parts of the jeans adds some pop and personality to the jeans, as well as some durability and reinforcement.

A leather patch with Godzilla’s footprint

The leather patch with Godzilla’s footprint is the most prominent and eye-catching detail of the jeans. The leather patch is a piece of leather that is attached to the back waistband of the jeans, and it usually has some information about the brand and the product. The leather patch of these jeans has Godzilla’s footprint embossed on it, which is a clever and creative way to represent the monster’s power and presence.

The concept

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Godzilla – a mythical creature powered by nuclear radiation, this beast has held a steadfast presence in both Japanese and global popular culture since the mid-50s. Beyond its portrayal as a force of nature clashing with other monstrous beings and humans, Godzilla stands as a poignant emblem of nuclear apprehensions and environmental concerns. With a footprint in over 30 films and a presence across comics, video games, toys, and other platforms, its impact is undeniable.

These jeans, in essence, echo SDA’s deep-seated enthusiasm and ingenuity as a denim label, coupled with a profound reverence for Godzilla as an emblematic figure. More than just quality denim, these jeans encapsulate art, narrate a tale, and convey a profound sentiment. They stand as an homage to Godzilla’s indelible influence and a nod to the storied tradition and prowess of Japanese denim.

Pros of this jeans

The jeans come packed with several advantages, including their lasting nature, chic design, unique features and the ability to tailor them to one’s taste. Crafted with premium materials and superior craftsmanship, these jeans promise longevity with the right care. Sporting a classic and evergreen appeal, they’re versatile for various events and tastes. Plus, with their adaptability to distinct fading styles and ensemble choices, you can make them uniquely yours.

Cons of this jeans

However, the jeans come with a few limitations too, including their heft, limited availability, and specific upkeep needs. Their heavier weight compared to other jeans could lead to discomfort or impracticality in hotter climates or during warmer seasons. The limited stock and difficulty in finding them in certain regions or countries could make them inaccessible or pricey for some potential buyers. Additionally, these jeans demand a bit of extra TLC, such as refraining from frequent washing, using cold water and gentle detergents, and air-drying them.


Studio D’Artisan “GODZILLA” selvedge jeans are one of the most interesting and unique selvedge denim products on the market. They feature an 18oz. denim that has a slub and nep texture that resembles Godzilla’s skin, a regular straight fit that offers more comfort throughout the leg, and many details that add character and uniqueness to the jeans.

All in all, I’d say these jeans are a worthy addition to your closet if you have an affinity for selvedge denim, Godzilla, or simply crave a unique sartorial piece. Beyond being a top-notch product, they’re bound to spark interesting conversations and offer a distinct way to showcase your style.

Got any queries or thoughts about these jeans? Don’t hesitate to drop them down below.

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