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The collaboration between Novesta and Universal Works in vulcanized footwear is refreshing. In addition to the review of moonstar vulcanized shoes, this is our comprehensive review of another vulcanized shoe. Known for its iconic rubber-soled shoes since 1939, Novesta has always struck a balance between sustainability and style. In contrast, Universal Works, a relative newcomer to the industry, is quickly gaining recognition for its commitment to honest, well-made and functional clothing. The collaboration is a fusion of old and new, blending traditional craftsmanship and modern design in the Star Master model.

This collaborative version of the Star Master represents the perfect fusion of classic charm and contemporary style, attracting a wide range of fans from fashion enthusiasts to environmentally conscious shoppers. The shoe retains Novesta’s signature sneaker design while incorporating Universal Works’ understated yet bold aesthetic.

In this review, we’ll explore this unique partnership and how the Star Master shoe embodies the harmony of style, eco-friendliness, and comfort. We’ll analyze its design, take a closer look at the materials used, and judge its overall practicality.

Brand Background

Plimsoll shoes, also known as plimsolls, are a type of athletic shoe with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Novesta star master is one of the classic Plimsoll trainers. Rooted in Slovakia’s shoemaking tradition since the 1930s, Novesta expertly merges age-old artisanship with modern technology to create footwear that’s as dependable as it is stylish. Their iconic rubber soles, crafted from natural materials using original machinery, are a nod to their deep respect for traditional methods.

Meanwhile, Universal Works, established in 2008, has reimagined classic menswear. Their approach weaves together the utility of workwear with the elegance of tailoring, producing clothing that’s both functional and fashionable. Known for their attention to fit, quality fabrics, and practical designs, Universal Works caters to those who value understated elegance.

The collaboration between Novesta and Universal Works is a landmark in the shoe industry, marrying old-world craftsmanship with contemporary design. This partnership not only showcases the potential for sustainable fashion to be both innovative and stylish but also illustrates how two distinct brands can unite to create products that appeal to a wide audience, highlighting the fascinating outcomes when tradition blends with modernity.

Design and Aesthetics of Novesta Star Master

Novesta star Master

The Star Master from Novesta and Universal Works is an example of classic and contemporary design. At a glance, it retains Novesta’s iconic silhouette with a low-top design, dual logo branding on the tongue, an overall beige upper color, a light green toe, and a striped pull tab at the heel for easy on and off.

The Star Master’s upper is made from premium canvas, echoing Novesta’s dedication to natural materials. This canvas is both durable and breathable, making it perfect for the warmer seasons, from sunny days to cooler nights.

The shoe’s standout feature is its signature thick sole, which is the essence of the Novesta style. Crafted from eco-friendly natural rubber for excellent traction and long-lasting abrasion resistance, the sole is subtly enhanced by Universal Works, whose delicate texture pairs perfectly with the canvas upper.

When it comes to fashion, the Star Master is incredibly adaptable. From summer dresses with shorts and T-shirts, to everyday wear with casual suits and shirts, it’s easy to adapt. This flexibility makes the Star Master a must-have shoe for those who are conscious of pairing it with different lifestyles.

All in all, the Novvesta x Universal Works Star Master is a triumph in footwear design. It combines classic shoemaking techniques with modern design elements to create a shoe that is not only stylish, but also versatile and durable.

Materials and Sustainability of Novesta Star Master

The Star Master by Novesta and Universal Works is an exemplar in sustainable fashion, embodying a deep commitment to eco-friendly materials and responsible production practices.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The upper of the Star Master is made from premium organic cotton, reflecting a serious dedication to lessening environmental impact. Organic cotton is cultivated without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it a greener choice compared to conventional cotton. Beyond environmental benefits, organic cotton also provides enhanced texture and breathability, contributing to the shoe’s overall comfort.

The sole is a notable aspect in sustainability terms. Crafted from responsibly sourced natural rubber, it bypasses the ecological harms typically associated with synthetic rubbers made from petrochemicals. As a renewable resource, the use of natural rubber in the soles illustrates a concerted effort to lessen ecological impacts. Additionally, the durability of the sole extends the shoe’s lifespan, encouraging a more sustainable consumption pattern.

Ethical Production Practices

Both Novesta and Universal Works are staunchly committed to sustainable production methods. Novesta’s production leans on traditional techniques that emphasize skilled craftsmanship and waste reduction. Their factories are recognized for ethical working conditions and initiatives to curtail carbon emissions. In a similar vein, Universal Works champions small-scale production to ensure quality and care in each product, addressing the issue of overproduction prevalent in the fashion sector.

In conclusion, the Novesta x Universal Works Star Master is a shining example of sustainable fashion done right, without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal.

Comfort and Fit of Novesta Star Master

The Novesta x Universal Works Star Master isn’t just a treat for the eyes; it’s a champion of comfort and fit, making it a perfect companion for everyday activities.

Daily Comfort and Wearability

At the heart of the Star Master’s design is a commitment to comfort. The organic cotton upper creates a soft and breathable space for your feet, minimizing discomfort or irritation, a common concern in warmer climates. The natural rubber sole is not just durable but also flexible, promoting natural foot movement and reducing fatigue during extended wear. The interior footbed is designed with support and cushioning in mind.

Sizing and Fit Insights

Proper sizing is key to enjoying full comfort, and the Star Master generally fits true to size. Unlike certain popular sneakers that might have a narrower build, the Star Master offers a more generous toe box, allowing for comfort and natural toe movement throughout the day. New buyers are typically advised to select their usual shoe size for an optimal fit.

In comparison to other renowned sneakers, the Star Master shines with its ergonomic design. While some brands might lean heavily on looks, Novesta and Universal Works haven’t compromised comfort for style. This makes the Star Master a preferred option for those who place a high value on comfort alongside aesthetics.

To sum up, the Novesta x Universal Works Star Master stands out as a frontrunner in comfort and fit among modern sneakers. Its thoughtful design, accurate sizing, and sustainable materials unite to create a shoe that’s as pleasant to wear as it is to look at, positioning it as an ideal selection for daily use.

Durability and Maintenance of Novesta Star Master

The Novesta x Universal Works Star Master is notable not only for its aesthetic and comfort but also for its robustness, a key feature for those in search of long-lasting shoes. This durability, when paired with careful maintenance, means these shoes can withstand regular wear while maintaining their charm and functionality.

Resilience for Everyday Wear

Made with top-quality organic cotton and natural rubber, the Star Master is built for endurance. The sturdy canvas upper holds up well against daily wear and tear, keeping its form and look over time. The sole, made from resilient natural rubber, copes well with daily activities, offering steady traction and lasting performance. From my personal experience, the rubber on the sole lasts longer than canvas.

Novesta’s Vulcanization Process

The Novesta shoe features an upper that is expertly baked onto the natural rubber sole, eliminating the need for glue. This unique process creates a durable and long-lasting bond between the sole and the fabric uppers, effectively preventing cracking at the bending points of the shoe. This is because the sole is thoroughly fused with the upper, ensuring a stronger and more resilient connection.

Tips for Care and Maintenance

To keep the Star Masters in top condition, a few straightforward care steps are advised:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the canvas gently with a moist cloth to remove dirt. For more stubborn stains, a gentle soap solution can be effective.
  • Avoiding Extreme Conditions: Despite their durability, extended exposure to harsh weather like heavy rain or snow can impact the materials. It’s best to wear them in appropriate weather conditions.
  • Proper Storage: Keep them in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight to avoid material deterioration.

In essence, the durability of the Novesta x Universal Works Star Master, combined with proper care, ensures that these shoes can be a long-term addition to someone’s collection, perfectly embodying the principles of sustainable and conscientious consumption.


In our review of the Novesta x Universal Works Star Master, we delved into the aspects that elevate this shoe from mere footwear to a symbol of meticulous craftsmanship, environmental responsibility, and style. Its design effortlessly blends classic charm with contemporary style, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The Star Master’s comfort and fit, design for everyday wear, and impressive longevity make it an ideal choice for the conscious consumer. In my opinion, I am just looking for a pair of shoes that are simple, can be easily matched with various fashion options, and are suitable for different occasions and seasons. Among similar vulcanized shoes, its price is not high, making it easy to make a purchase decision.

I invite you to share your own experiences with us and your perspectives are critical to our mission of promoting thoughtful consumption and promoting products that are truly worth investing in.

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