Kojima Genes RNB 102R Selvedge Denim Review: A Great Pair of Jeans for Everyday Wear

Kojima Genes is a brand committed to crafting jeans that strike a perfect balance between affordability, durability, and fashion, while honoring traditional techiques and tools. Among their offerings is the RNB 102R, a pair of 15oz selvedge denim jeans exhibiting a straight-cut shape, a button fly, a leather patch, concealed rivets, and the iconic red selvedge. Pre-washed to minimize shrinkage and fading, these jeans are expertly crafted by seasoned denim craftsmen in Japan.

In this review, I’ll assess the Kojima Genes RNB 102R on several criteria – design, comfort, quality and value.


The first thing that caught my eye when I received the Kojima Genes RNB 102R was their appearance and style. The jeans have a dark indigo color with a slight slub texture that gives them some character. They have a vintage look with contrast stitching, copper rivets and buttons, and a leather patch with the Kojima Genes logo. The selvedge detail is visible on the coin pocket and the inner seams, adding some flair to the jeans. The other side of inner seams is an overlock stitch inseam instead of flat felled inseam.

The raised belt loops are less noticeable on unworn jeans that can be clearly seen in the Sugar Cane 1947 jeans introduced in the previous video. The entire pair of jeans has a single orange stitch instead of two tone of stitching like the Sugar Cane 1947.

I really like the design of these jeans, as they combine classic elements with modern touches. The jeans are functional, as they have five pockets, a zip fly and belt loops. The design is original, as it reflects the brand’s identity and heritage. The jeans are not too flashy or too plain, but just right for my taste.


Another aspect that I found admirable was the overall comfort and texture of the jeans. These jeans are crafted from 100% cotton denim fabric that feels incredibly soft and silky. Even though it’s 15 ounces, the texture is soft. They undergo one-wash process to eliminate any residual starch and dye, thus enhancing their wearability. The indigo has a deep blue color that will gradually fade to lighter shades of blue with wear and wash.

What’s impressive is that the comfort offered by these jeans is not just fleeting but lasts, is easy to upkeep, and gets better with age. These jeans have been designed to resist wear and tear without compromising on their form or quality. You can either machine wash or hand wash them using a mild detergent, without fretting over potential shrinkage or color fade. With time, these jeans will take on unique fade patterns and whiskers, adding a personal touch and increasing their aesthetic appeal.


Kojima Genes are manufactured in Japan, home to master denim craftsmen who leverage age-old techniques and tools. The jeans are constructed from superior selvedge denim fabric, loomed on shuttle looms in Okayama. Their strength is bolstered by durable stitching, rivets, and bar tacks. Moreover, they boast a natural cowhide leather patch.

The quality of these jeans is truly exceptional, thanks to the use of premium materials, a sturdy build, and meticulous detailing. The materials used are natural and resilient, bestowing upon the jeans a rich texture and hue. The construction is impeccably precise and uniform, testifying to the fact that the jeans are well-crafted and dependable. The details are authentic and opulent, endowing the jeans with a distinct personality and allure.


For a pair of selvedge jeans made by a well-known Japanese brand, it’s in a very reasonable price range. These jeans score highly in terms of value, excelling in design, comfort, and quality. When compared to other brands within the same price bracket, their value proposition remains competitive, often offering equivalent or superior features. Furthermore, they’ve proven to be a satisfying investment, fulfilling or surpassing my expectations.

For those who prefer straight legged jeans, you can go one size up from your usual size or choose the 102W model. If you want to know more models of Kojima Genes 102 series, please click to watch the video above.


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