Best Filson Leather Briefcase Review

Walking into the century-old Filson, I discovered their Field Satchel, a true symbol of enduring craftsmanship. This is no ordinary accessory, but a testament to Filson’s unwavering commitment to quality and resilience.

Filson Field Satchel Front Flap

Crafted from sturdy leather with elegant hardware, this satchel blends tough outdoor spirit with sleek urban elegance. Bringing this bag into my everyday life feels like turning a new page in my personal journey intertwined with Filson’s rich and enduring history.

I’ve previously introduced the original briefcase in rugged twill, the 24 hour briefcase in tin cloth and the dryden briefcase in nylon, but here’s a look at the Filson leather briefcase.

Filson Field Satchel

Section 1: First Impressions

I saw the Filson leather briefcase at a shopping plaza in Chicago. Upon first contact with this backpack, its heavy weight and the cool touch of smooth leather immediately give it an upscale quality. Its color is a deep chocolate brown that is both versatile and luxurious.

The design spoke of a bygone era where every stitch counted. The modest aesthetic is not too flashy, but earns respect through its subtle design. The brass hardware gleams, shiny and sturdy, and the silhouette of the satchel emphasizes a classic look that defies the ebb and flow of trends.

I recall a bit that this was my first Filson briefcase, and I’ve wanted one of these leather briefcases for a long time, a satchel that would work with my suits as well as my everyday work.

Section 2: Craftsmanship and Durability

A closer look at the Filson Field Satchel reveals its standout feature: the use of premium leather. This backpack is made from top quality vegetable tanned leather, known for its ruggedness, authentic grain, and durability. This leather is noticeably thicker and harder, with a sturdy structure that stands up to daily wear and tear, while the color softens and darkens gracefully over time.

The hardware on this satchel is incredibly sturdy, featuring strong brass buckles and clasps that perfectly accentuate the darker tones of the leather. The shine of the brass not only adds an element of sophistication, but is also a sign of durability, offering resistance to corrosion and wear. The brass locking clasp on the front flap is designed with the security of the bag’s contents in mind, ensuring that all items remain safe and intact.

Superb craftsmanship is reflected in the precise, even stitching that shows no signs of wear or looseness. The leather edges are carefully finished and polished, emphasizing the attention to detail that went into its making.

In terms of design, the Filson Field Satchel features a well-structured multi-compartment design with a full-size rear pocket for documents or a tablet in addition to the main compartment. The adjustable shoulder strap is secured by a sturdy brass D-ring, providing customized comfort for different body types.

With proper care, this satchel can be a long-term companion, maturing in appearance as the leather develops its distinctive bronze color. The ruggedness of the vegetable tanned leather, coupled with the durable brass fittings, means that this bag is not only suitable for everyday use, but also for traveling and adventurous activities.

Section 3: Utility and Ease of Use

The Filson Field Satchel is more than a visually striking accessory; it’s a functional marvel matching its aesthetic appeal. The interior design thoughtfully maximizes space, catering to the needs of the contemporary traveler. Its main compartment, under the secure guard of a robust flap and brass latch, comfortably fits a laptop, various notebooks, and a select array of personal belongings. The internal pockets are a boon for those who love organization, providing specific places for pens, a phone, keys, and other small but essential items, keeping them both reachable and safely tucked away.

Filson Field Satchel Compartment

Understanding the importance of comfort in a carry-all, this satchel’s shoulder strap is as high-quality as the bag itself. Broad and sturdy, it evenly disperses weight across the shoulder. The adjustable nature of the strap allows for versatile wearing styles, be it cross-body or over a single shoulder, catering to different body shapes and personal preferences. The leather, initially firm, gradually conforms to the user’s body, enhancing comfort over time as it takes on the shape of the wearer’s usual posture.

In practical scenarios, the Filson Field Satchel demonstrates remarkable adaptability. For daily commuters, it’s a trusty carrier for work essentials, resilient against the rigors of rush-hour travel. For travelers, it transforms into a sophisticated yet unpretentious travel partner, equally suited for rugged journeys and upscale environments. The design smartly keeps essential travel documents both secure and easily accessible, a vital feature for regular travelers.

When compared to other products in the market, the Filson Field Satchel impressively balances capacity and bulk. It’s spacious without being unwieldy, designed to carry necessities without encouraging overpacking. Its depth accommodates stacking, while its sturdy form prevents the unsightly bulging that plagues less robust bags. This satchel strikes a rare equilibrium between generous storage and a refined silhouette, a sought-after feature in high-end functional accessories.

Section 4: Timeless Style and Adaptability

The Filson Field Satchel effortlessly bridges the gap between a sharp business look and a more relaxed, outdoor vibe. Its classic design and deep leather hue can add a dash of elegance to a casual outfit or blend in perfectly in a corporate setting, where its sleek profile and subtle charm echo a sense of time-honored reliability.

What really makes this satchel stand out is how it adapts to different settings. In the boardroom, it’s a mark of professionalism and intent. The brass accents gleaming against the dark leather catch the eye in a way that’s intriguing but never too flashy. For those off-duty days, its robust build and practical design speak to a life that’s about action and experiences. Whether it’s your companion for a weekend brunch or an impromptu road trip, this satchel always feels right at home.

As time goes by, the Filson Field Satchel becomes more than just an accessory; it starts to narrate its own story. The vegetable-tanned leather ages gracefully, getting darker and softer, each mark and crease a chapter of your travels and experiences. This isn’t just wear and tear; it’s a badge of honor, a patina that adds a personal touch you won’t find in mass-produced bags.

Section 5: Taking Good Care of Filson Leather Briefcase

Caring for your Filson Field Satchel is a bit like caring for a good friend – it requires attention and regular check-ins to keep it in great shape. Simple routines can make a big difference in how your satchel ages and develops its character. Start with a basic wipe-down using a damp cloth to keep the surface clean. When it needs a bit more than just a dust-off, go for a gentle leather cleaner, but remember, a little goes a long way – you don’t want to drench the leather. After cleaning, treat it to a good leather conditioner. Pick something natural that will nourish the leather without leaving any weird residues or changing its natural color.

And here’s something neat – Filson’s commitment doesn’t end with just selling you a satchel. They offer repair and maintenance services for those times when your bag’s adventures leave it needing a bit more than just home care. Sending your satchel in for some professional TLC is a great way to ensure it keeps being a part of your journeys for years to come.

Section 7: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from premium vegetable-tanned leather and durable twill, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Timelessly Stylish: Possesses a classic design that suits various styles and occasions effortlessly.
  • Smart Organization: Well-thought-out compartments for easy organization and quick access.
  • Carrying Comfort: The adjustable leather strap is designed for ease of carrying, even when the bag is full.
  • Beautifully Ages: The leather gains a distinctive patina over time, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Supportive Maintenance: Filson offers comprehensive care guidelines and repair services to prolong the bag’s life.


  • High Initial Cost: The premium price point may be a hurdle for some budgets.
  • Heavier Build: The use of quality materials can make the bag feel heavy, especially when loaded.
  • Space Limitations: While it’s perfect for essentials, its capacity might not be sufficient for those needing extra room.

Personal Viewpoint: The Filson Field Satchel stands out as a symbol of timeless craftsmanship and style. Its strengths, particularly in material quality and build, significantly overshadow its minor downsides. Although the price is on the higher side, this satchel represents an investment in a piece that offers longevity, possibly serving multiple generations. The weight and space limitations are trade-offs for its sturdy materials and design, aimed at securely carrying and protecting your essentials.


In conclusion, the Filson Field Satchel stands as a paragon of artisanal excellence and utilitarian design. It is an exemplary choice for the consumer who appreciates the confluence of durability, style, and history in their accessories. This satchel is best suited for those who see the value in an investment piece that not only serves practical needs but also carries an enduring narrative. For the professional, the traveler, or the style-conscious individual, the Filson Field Satchel is more than just a carrying companion—it’s a lifetime acquisition that promises to journey through life’s chapters with unwavering reliability and growing character.

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