Diemme Anatra Duck Boot Review: A Cozy and Classic Choice for Winter

Diemme is a brand from Italy that makes premium sneakers and boots for mountain climbing, blending skilled handwork with creative style. The Diemme Anatra duck boot is a new take on the traditional American duck boot, which is a durable and water-resistant hunting boot with a rubber bottom part to keep out water and dirt.

Diemme anatra duck boot

Winter, you know what that means: cold, wet, and slippery conditions that can make your feet miserable. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that can keep your feet warm and dry, while still looking cozy and classic, you might want to check out the Diemme Anatra duck boot from following features.


A duck boot is a waterproof shoe-like boot with a rubber lower and a leather or waterproof textile upper. The Diemme Anatra duck boot updates this classic style with a sleeker ankle and high-quality suede and parts.

The Diemme Anatra duck boot features a suede upper that makes it smooth and elegant, a rubber bottom part that makes it strong and long-lasting, and a shearling lining that makes it cozy and snug. The boot is made by hand in the Diemme factory in Veneto, north-east Italy, using the best materials and methods.


You can enjoy both style and comfort with the Diemme Anatra duck boot. The suede upper covers the lower leg with speed hook lace-up closure, making the boot feel comfortable without being too tight or too loose. I would suggest you can order a half size up from your usual size because of the lining. It demonstrates excellent performance under a variety of weather conditions. The rubber bottom part of the boot shields your foot from moisture and dirt, ensuring it stays dry and clean. The shearling lining provides warmth and comfort to your foot, warding off cold and possible frostbite. This boot is appropriate for a wide range of terrains and activities including hiking, strolling, or daily commuting.


The Diemme Anatra duck boot is not just comfortable, it’s also built to last. The boot is crafted with quality materials and methods that make it last longer. The upper is made of suede that has a special coating to resist water and dirt. The lower section is made of rubber that is attached to the upper with a sturdy thread that keeps it together. Hiver outsole gives reliable traction and keeps feet dry. The boot can handle a lot of wear and tear, if you treat it well.

How to care

Some simple tips can help you keep your Diemme Anatra duck boot in good condition. You should wipe your boot often with a wet cloth or a gentle brush, getting rid of any dirt or marks. You should apply a spray or wax to waterproof your boot from time to time, especially before you wear it in water or snow. You should put your boot in a dry and cool place, not near sunlight or heat sources.

How to style

The Diemme Anatra duck boot is versatile and can match different outfits and occasions. You can pair it with jeans and a sweater for a casual look, or with trousers and a coat for a smart look. You can put it on with a parka and a scarf for an outdoor look, or with a shirt and a blazer for an indoor look. You can wear it in the urban or rural areas, in the daytime or night time.

To sum up, this pair of boot also has a disadvantage. The only complaint is the rubber sole and suede upper where the stitching rubs the heel during break-in. However, the Diemme Anatra duck boot gives you more bang for your buck in terms of style, comfort, and durability. The boot is a worthwhile purchase that will serve you for many seasons and occasions.

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