Canada Goose Borden Bomber Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Canada Goose, with a legacy dating back to 1957, is renowned for crafting top-tier outerwear using only the best materials and skillful craftsmanship. Their creations are tailored to brave everything from polar chills to city gusts. In this piece, we’ll dive deep into the Borden Bomber, comparing similar products, dissecting its features and weighing its strengths and weaknesses to guide your purchase decision.

Many people will be confused about how similar the two bombers are, so let’s compare the two here: The Borden Bomber and the Chilliwack Bomber

What is the difference between a Borden Bomber and a Chiliwack Bomber?

Let’s break down the primary distinctions:


Canada Goose Borden Bomber waist strap

While the Borden Bomber borrows from Chilliwack’s iconic bomber design, it sports a sleeker silhouette and a longer hemline that extends further down the hips. In contrast, the Chilliwack offers a more laid-back fit with a hem that concludes at the waistline. Unique to the Borden Bomber is a waist-level strap for tailored fitting, absent in the Chilliwack.


The Borden Bomber features an adaptable and detachable hood, unlike the Chilliwack’s static, non-modifiable one. The Chilliwack’s zipper, similar to the Langford Parka design, can fully encase the face. Its fur-laden hood serves as a barrier against chilly gusts and snow. However, the Borden Bomber’s fur hood is more on the loose side. Personally, I tend to keep the hat detached.


Sporting four exterior pockets, the Borden Bomber comes with two lower fleece-lined welt pockets for cozy hands, a zippered chest pocket, and a utility pocket on its left sleeve. The Chilliwack, with its six external pockets, features two lower fleece-lined slash pockets, a pair of chest pockets, a zippered pocket and a utility pockets on left sleeve.


Though both jackets incorporate a wind guard, it’s positioned internally in the Borden Bomber. On the other hand, the Chilliwack’s wind guard overlays the zipper externally.

Canada Goose Borden Bomber features

The Borden Bomber draws inspiration from the iconic Chilliwack design, another standout piece from Canada Goose’s collection.

  • Boasting a streamlined fit, its bomber length ensures ease of movement and cozy wear.
  • Crafted from the Arctic Tech fabric, it is adept at warding off water and wind, standing the test of time. Its exterior has an added DWR finish, enhancing its resilience against moisture.
  • Internally, it is packed with 625 fill power white duck down, guaranteeing superb warmth and fluffiness. With a TEI rating of 3, it’s geared for chilly conditions, specifically in the range of -10°C to -20°C (14°F to -4°F).
  • The hood is adjustable and removable, giving you the option to customize your look and comfort level. The fur trim helps block the wind and snow from your face, and adds a touch of luxury to the jacket.
  • It has four exterior pockets and one interior pocket to store your essentials. The two lower welt pockets are fleece-lined to keep your hands warm. The chest pocket has a zipper closure for security. The utility pocket on the left sleeve can hold small items like keys or cards. The interior pocket has a zipper closure as well.
  • It has recessed rib-knit cuffs that fit snugly around your wrists and prevent cold air from entering. They also add a contrast to the jacket’s fabric and create a sleek silhouette.
  • It has a heavy-duty two-way locking zipper that allows you to adjust the ventilation and fit of the jacket.

Let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses:


  1. Toasty Comfort: With its superior down insulation coupled with fur detailing, the Borden Bomber guarantees warmth.
  2. Built to Endure: Crafted with robust materials, resilient stitching, and a lasting zipper, this bomber is designed for longevity. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.
  3. Contemporary Flair: Sporting a contemporary, adaptable design, the Borden Bomber can seamlessly blend with diverse occasions and attire.


  1. Pricey: With its tag hovering over $1,000 USD, the Borden Bomber is a significant investment. Some find it beyond their budget or feel it doesn’t match their value expectation.
  2. Heft: A few folks have expressed that it can feel a tad too weighty or unwieldy for regular use.
  3. Hood Concerns: While the fur lining is removable, the lack of an integrated zipper makes it difficult to secure the hood tightly to your face.


The Canada Goose Borden Bomber stands out as a top-tier winter coat, combining warmth, longevity, and flair. Key features like its insulation, fur detailing, ample pockets, and robust zipper enhance its practicality. Nonetheless, its lofty price tag, significant weight, and certain hood concerns might give some potential buyers pause. For seeking an upscale, adaptable winter coat to combat chilly climates and elevate their style, the Borden Bomber is a solid pick. Yet, those on a stricter budget or desiring a more lightweight option may want to explore other choices. We trust this evaluation has enlightened you, and invite any further queries or feedback.

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